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Tour to the Feast of the Virgen del Carmen Paucartambo - 2 Days



The Town of Paucartambo is 150 km away, east of the City of Cusco. It is the capital of the province of the same name. It is a town of colonial origin, located on both sides of the Paucartambo River.

Formerly it must have been a sacred place, due to which the Virgin was implanted by the catholic church and that until now is venerated, but that in the background it would be part of the Andean pantheon.

Its history is adorned with emportant facts, because it was the resting point on the route to the jungle where coca was extracted in ancient times. Then it was used by the conquistadores to transport minerals and riches that were extracted.

Today the town is peaceful but in July of each year it becomes a town full of color, music and dance.

Tres Cruces

Located 50 km from Paucartambo, it is a kind of balcony in the Andean mountains and on the horizon the plain of the jungle extends. Therefore the view of the exit of the son in the month of June and July is unique

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