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Ceremony to mother earth in Cusco Peru - 1 Day

Payment to the Mother Earth with Master Benito Ayquipa

The payment service to the land is made in a special space around Sacsayhuaman, where it has been done in the past. You can be part of an ancestral ceremony that will help you to harmonize your spirit with mother earth and nature.

Place of the Ceremony

Sacsayhuaman is a place where in the days of the Incas ceremonies were held, on different dates these ceremonies were with different reasons could be to start the sembry and have good harvest, or to cure body ailments.

Master Benito Ayquipa

The teacher Benito Ayquipa, is a person who has had the blessing of seeing life through the coca leaf. He has also inherited the ability to make payments to the land.

A ceremony to the Pacha mama is a ritual that helps the spirit, health, economy and love.

Day 1
Day Ceremony

We pick you up at your Hotel

We go to Sacsayhuaman

We begin the harmonization ceremony

We will read the coca leaf

we will make payment to the land.

Day 2
Night Ceremony (Recommended)

We will pick you up at the hotel

We are going to a very special place for the ceremony

We begin the ceremony of harmonization with the environment

The teacher Benito will read your luck through the Coca leaf

We will begin with the payment ceremony to the earth.

We will burn the offerings

We will celebrate the completion of the spiritual ceremony

Return to the hotel

What is the Coca Leaf used for?

The coca leaf is good for your health, you have many properties. In the ceremony it symbolizes the language of man with nature.

What is the payment to the Mother Earth?

It is an ancestral ceremony, which has been held in the Andes to thank and harmonize the spirit with the environment and nature. It must be done by an Andean scholar.

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Price From USD 150 USD $ 120/person
Total $ 120 USD

Trip Facts

  • 1 - 3; 4 - 7; 8 - 15: 16 - 30
  • Automovil; H1; Minivan; Minibus
  • 3400 m.s.n.m.