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Humantay Lake Full Day Tour - 1 Day

It is located between mountains, on the slopes of the snowy humantay.

Its beauty is due to the contrast between the brown mountains, white snow and the turquoise color of its waters, which causes a shock to the eyes and the spirit.

This lagoon is located in the rural community of Soraypampa, district of Mollepata, province of Anta, in the Region of Cusco.

It is reached by way of Cusco Lima, to the town of Limatambo, from there we go up towards Mollepata. After a break, we take a road back to Soraypampa.

In Soraypampa we start the walk towards the mountain, around 3 km. which will take us an average of two and a half hours.

The lagoon awaits us quietly, it will not be seen until we have finished the road, as if inviting us to surrender. Some coca leaves, and a breath will not let us win, we will get to enjoy its beauty.

Day 1

4:30 a.m. we pick you up from the hotel.

5:00 a.m. We left Cusco.

8:00 am. Breakfast in Soraypampa.

10:00 am We start hiking.

11:30 pm. Laguna humantay.

12:30 pm. return to Cusco.

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Price From USD 50 USD $ 45/person
Total $ 45 USD