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Colca Canyon in Arequipa 2D/1N - 2 Days


Colca Canyon Confortable tour

The Colca canyon is one of the most exciting tours that can be done in Arequipa. You will travel through the midst of volcanoes, appreciate the habitat of the vicuña, the camelid that has the finest wool, and in a unique environment of one of the deepest canyons in the world, you will see the flight of the largest flying bird in the world The Condor.

The most attractive of this tour are the landscapes, the flight of the condor and the meeting with the local people.

Day 1
Departure from Arequipa

Pick up from the hotel

Departure from Arequipa

Viewpoint of the volcanoes

Visit to the Habitat of the vicuña

Lunch in the town center of Chivay

Enjoy the Thermal Water Pool

Free afternoon

Is Colca the deepest canyon in the world?

There are many specialists who argue that it is the deepest in the world, above the canyon of the colorado in the United States.

Que es el Condor?

Es el ave que habita en america, y por su tamaño es el ave que vuela más grande que existe. Es una divinidad en las culturas andinas y representa al Hanaq Pacha Mundo de arriba.

What is the Vicuña?

It is a camel that inhabits the Andes, along with the llama, the alpaca and the huanaco. He has not been domesticated by man, for if he is, he dies. The vicuna has the finest fine wool in the world, costing the garments made of this many thousands of dollars.

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Trip Facts

  • Minivan Mercedes Benz
  • Private or group for 15
  • 2800 - 3600 m.s.n.m.