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It is located at 2900 meters above sea leel in the Apurimac river canyon. 90 Km. from the city of Cusco. This andean village is made up of 42 families dedicated mainly to agriculture and raising animals.


It has a temperate climate, highlights the presence of rain frrom September to April. The rest of the year is dry with sporadic rains.

Population are friendly and it stands out for being very well organized. The family is the fundamental nucleus of the communal organization. Each family has up to three children, who after completing the school stage, go to cities to look for work and in a lesser percentage to do technical or university studies.

The Geography

It is abrupt, the slope being predominant. This is one of the reasons why houses are far from each other. However, they have plenty of water.


It has an educational center up to secondary level. To which children come from neighboring communities. It has a student population of aroun 120 students.


If something stands out from Paucarccoto, it is its variyety of food, thanks to its mild climate and high zone where the climate is cold; in this community they produce crops of great varieyty from tubers, grains, legumes. They also raise cattle thaat provide milk and cheese. In the ravine there are delicious fruits.


The communal assembly, which is carried out periodically and when necessary, is where decisions are made for the good of the community. I is directed by a Board of Directors headed by the president, secretary, treasurer, prosecutor and members.

There are also specialized committes with specific charges. This particular community stands out for being very organized. Especially when it comes to sports competitions, events of different types in the district, Paucarccoto always participates and ususally comes out as the winner.

Within this organization consisting of 15 families, chaired by Mrs. Vilma with whom we coordinate the activities of visitors and volunteers.

The Family

In Paucarccoto, the family is made up of parents, children and grandparents. In general, the children stay in the community until finishing school, after which the majority will go to the city to look for a job, a minimum percentage will continue their technical and universtiy studies.

Children of our Healthy Program

Around 20 children participate in the healthy program in which they are taught English and values reflections. They are children of different ages from 8 to 16 years old.

How to get there

From the city of Cusco, head west on the road to Lima. 24 km later, you will pass the town of Izcuchaca to Inquilpata where we will take the detour to Cotabambas. We climb towards the mountain with picturesque surroundings to the top. A few km down we passed the community of Ocra, we will arrive to Paucarccoto.