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This is a project that we started in January 2019. Its objective is to constitute an Andean area of unique characteristics, which is located in the surroundings of the Apurimac River Canyon, in a healthy tourist destination.
We started this experience with two rural communities called Ocra and Paucarccoto, which belong to the district of Chinchaypujio in the province of Anta, Cusco Region.

Visiting these communities

how is Ocra and Paucarccoto rural communities?

These villages are dedicated to traditional agriculture, with technologies inherited from their grandparents. They grow potatoes, corn, wheat, barley, lentils, tarwi, and Andean tubers such as mashwa, añu and smooth.
They raise animals such as llamas, alpacas, sheep, cows, chickens and guinea pigs. To a lesser extent, they trade with Anta and Cusco.

Its climate, in general, is cold and dry. Two seasons are highlighted each year: rainy season (from October to April) and dry season (from May to September)
The economic income is contingent on the sale of their agricultural products and their animals, and this income is very low because of the value they have in the market. For this reason some men usually go to the city and other places to work in different activities.

More about Ocra…

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How to get

We arrived to these locations by road, two hours from the city of Cusco.
Here the ladies and neighbors will welcome us in their homes and provide food to all those who wish to visit and share with them.

What do Communities offer you?

Local food, prepared with simplicity and especially with local agricultural products. You can participate and learn in the food preparation.
A place to sleep. A family will be your host, will offer you a bed to rest.

how is the food in a rural community of Cusco?

The food is based on the crops that are made in the community. It is eminently organic, the families have a gas stove but they prefer to cook in the wood stove.
The food accommodates vegetarians, because their diversity of crops prepare various dishes without the need for meat. In the rainy season (December to April) you can enjoy mushrooms known as qunchas that are very pleasant.

Breakfast in a rural community of Cusco

In the morning you take tea of ​​herbs, beans, lentils or other flour, also coffee or chocolate for the cold of the morning. This tea is added flour: wheat, barley or several combinations. Especially tea with corn toast.
Around 8:00 a.m. sometimes a soup is taken, to start the daily activities.

Lunch in a rural community of Cusco

At midday there will be a potato stew (papa wayku), chuño (chuñu wayku) or corn (mote) or mashwa wayku accompanied with fresh cheese. Dry season you can eat watia that is potato, which is the potato baked in an earth oven buried in the ground.

Dinner in a rural community of Cusco

At night, it can be soup or food that we call second, which consists in preparing stew of a product accompanied by parboiled, and tea.

How I can help?

you can help in the cultivation, doing together with them: agriculture, raising animals, arranging the fields, cleaning the houses of the animals, arranging roads, bridges, cleaning the house and the village. Especially teaching children languages.

Lets learn together

The ladies of Ocra and Paucarccoto will teach you their way of life, their agriculture, their ways of cooking.
If you can teach us some skill, such as cooking, preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner; cater to visitors… they want to learn.

Caring for our organic agriculture

We want to conserve our agriculture, cultivating our crops so that they remain healthy. Help us keep doing it.
If you know techniques that can help us in that goal we hope for your help.

Teach children

We are initiating the teaching of English to the children of Ocra and Paucarccoto. With the objective that they can help their mothers when they have visits from abroad, it will also help them in their studies in the future.
For this, materials and games should be prepared, focused on practicing conversations.
They are held in the evenings, because in the mornings the children attend regular classes.
You also want to teach moms so they can communicate with future visitors.

How does Quechua School Association help me?

We offer you:
A house in the city of Cusco, where you can rest, wash your clothes, shower and stay to sleep when you return from the communities and all your tours of Cusco.
We take you to the community, plan your stay, advise and help in everything you need while making your visit to these communities.
We advise you for free in the tours you want to do in Cusco or southern Peru.
We offer private and shared tours to Machu Picchu, Mountain of Colors, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and Humantay Lagoon, Salkantay Trek, Choquequirao, Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon.