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The San Pedro Market in Cusco Peru

If you want to know part of the daily life of the people of Cusco, this is a place you should visit if you are in the city of Cusco.

Vladimir Vargas Chauca

What interesting things can you see in the San Pedro Market?

Breakfast section

Thousands of items are for sale here. For example, items for ritual ceremonies, cheeses, breads, nuts, chocolates, coffe, medicinal plants and many other things.

What to eat in San Pedro Market?

Raise with egg, plus avocado, banana and vegetables.

The fruit juice, I recommend you the Special Juice which also contains fruit and local beer. You can also go to the fried egg section there you can customeize your order with vegetables, avocado, banana, and whatever you want.

There is also local breakfast and lunch…

How to get San Pedro Market?

From the main square by Mantas street and straight, passing through Plaza San Francisco and Calle Santa Clara. They are pproximately 700 meters.

What is near the San Pedro Market?

San Pedro Main Square, Temple and Train Station to Machu Picchu

Temple of San Pedro

San Pedro Train Station

Plaza San Francisco

Mercado Ccascaparo

El Paraiso mobile shopping center

El baratillo Saturday’s fair

You will also find cheap crafts

But I recommend that you do not buy here, because we are motivating the market to become a handcrafted and non-traditional market in the future.

If you want to buy cheap crafts, I recommend the Centro Artesanal Cusco located at the end of Avenida el Sol.

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