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How the Mountain of Colors Emerged

This mountain is located in the south of Cusco, it is part of the Andes mountain range.

In principle, the Ausangate tour takes 4 days. Who made this tour made the mountain of colors famous by publishing their photos in Vinicunca. Little by little they positioned themself and now it is a recommended tour.

Trekking to Vinincunca

Andes Geological Formation.

The Andes were formed in the Quaternary era, 150 million years ago. Being the youngest in the world. For that reason the permanent telluric movements especially to the south, in Arequipa and Moquegua. Vinicunca or mountain of 7 colors was covered in snow until a couple of centuries ago.

The thaw has exposed the different shades that are caused by the presence of minerals that were once covered with sea.

The presence of man and communities

Pitumarca People

Has been since ancient times. Despite the cold and dry weather with strong temperature changes, men have managed to accommodate us here.

Now the Mountain of Colors is at Your Fingertips

It has very well conditioned tours and good services from Cusco.

However, you should always take into account the weather for this, we recommend you take into account the best time to travel to the mountain of colors.

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