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Visit Villages of Cusco Peru : Ccapacmarca Chumbivilcas Cusco

About Ccapacmarca

its name means in the native language of the andes quechua “land of abundance”

It is a district of the Province of Chumbivilcas, in the Region of Cusco, Peru.

It is located between 3500 to 4500 meters above sea level.

The Residents of Ccapacmarca

The settlers are friendly once you start a conversation. In general they are proud of their traditions, they are excellent musicians.

How to get

From Cusco are 144.1 km. At 40 km / h we arrived in 4 hours and a half. We go by the route to Challhuahuacho and Las Bambas Mining Project. We pass Yaurisque, then Paccarectambo, Puente Tinkuq, Pueblo de Ccoyabamba and we arrive at Ccapacmarca.

The Weather

the weather is cold at night and early morning.
During the day it can be mild, depending on the season. Remember that the climate in the Andes of Cusco has two seasons, the first rainy season from November to April, and the second dry season from May to October, more or less.

Nature is wise

Ccapacmarca has a changing climate, its geography is abrupt, the rains are intense, the cold is dry, the sun is burning. Despite this, people, animals and plants have become accustomed and beautiful.

What to visit

The attraction of this trip enriches the route. It passes through the Apurimac river canyon, which shows its original rugged landscape.
You will also see small picturesque villas.

In Ccapacmarca the landscape is to be enjoyed with contemplation, especially the sunset is to stimulate nostalgia and the spirit of the Andean nature.

Ccapacmarca is especially alive at parties, it is a traditional town that celebrates with dances and songs, wrapped in this joyous celebration is the spiritual ritual of renewal with nature.

The proud Chumbivilcano expressed in his music.

The huayno, and especially the Huaylia is a source of pride for the Chumbivilcanos.

The Chumbivilcano or the Chumbivilcana, are people especially proud of their origin. The huayno and especially the Huaylia are music made with special love and great pride.

Where to eat

The last five years, thanks to being on the route to the Las Bambas and Challhuahuacho Mining Project, Ccapacmarca has now developed small, simple restaurants and you can save your hunger.
But we recommend bringing your lunch, because you still have to improve in these restaurants.

Where to sleep

There are several accommodations in Ccapacmarca, none stands out as the best. The service is simple in these establishments.


If you like to visit unique places, traditional culture, original landscapes, and you like adventure and challenges, this place is for you.
The rain is unpredictable, so wear clothes for it.
Clothing should be ready for the intense cold, also for hot days. Everything is possible in the Andes. In a moment you have radiant sun and in other intense rains.
Regarding what you eat, I recommend fruits like prickly pear, delicious delicacy. But not all the food can do you good, so better take your food.

If you want more information contact us and we will help you.
we can also organize your trip to the land of abundance Ccapacmarca.


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