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Challhuahuacho entered the Las Bambas Mining Project

“The best way to get there is from Cusco, 210 km. You arrive in 5 hours, the minibuses and vans leave Alameda Pachacutec every two hours and cost between S /. 30.00 and S /. 50.00 “

Vladimir Vargas Chauca

Challhuahuacho in the Past

My grandparents told me that coming to Challhuahuacho was like entering one of the places where one should be very careful. The inhabitants gave you scope to know who dared to visit them and what the reasons. It was better to have a good one. From what I heard they were very close and kept strangers away (as was also the case with nearby towns). It was a time of quarrels, disputes, rustling and assaults, where the most capable took the best cattle and arranged it, and even where the most capable was who was left with the most skillful (young) woman, surely it was a life full of startles.

The geography of Challhuahuacho

This place is unique, it is located above 4000 meters above sea level, between mountains covered with rocky forests, scarce tayanka bushes. Of cold and dry climate. I was struck by the birth of a river at the base of the mountain with a considerable volume of water. Enjoy a walk in its crystalline waters, in this one it has been constructed, on the part of the local government, a spa so that the visitors can enjoy it. In surroundings and the landscape view of the environment inspires nostalgia and tranquility.


Challhuahuacho, thanks to the Las Bambas mining project, has become an economically dynamic town. Many collaborating companies of MMG, the company in charge of exploitation, have their operation centers since Challhuahuacho is the gateway city to Las Bambas. The city is relatively small, most of it extends to the right margin of the river of the same name. They are implementing the name of the streets, which are few, one can be located mostly by neighborhoods. In short, it is impossible to get lost.

The Sunday market

If there is something that fills Challhuahuacho with joy, it is the color of the market. Dozens of transport vehicles come bringing different types of products from Cusco and Arequipa, as well as the people of the communities bring their potatoes and rush to buy their belongings and it is possible to see how the settlers between adults and young people get confused in a full market of surprises.

The original clothes

In this town, especially on Sundays, one can see the beautiful parade of traditional clothing, made with their own hands, which expresses their cosmovision and local culture, and which fortunately even some of the villagers wear. Beautiful fabrics that for me is the true wealth of this town.

Speaking Quechua and sharing coca leaf helps to start a conversation. It is the ancestral language of the Andean peoples.

Vladimir Vargas Chauca

The joy of its people is contagious, although at first it is difficult for us to start a conversation, because they are very reserved, little by little they show us their friendship. I recommend greeting them in Quechua, it has helped me a lot to have a handful of coca leaves and invite them and they can not imagine how one shares their joy.

How to get

The best way to go to Challhuahuacho is from the city of Cusco (not Abancay as you might think), daily depart from the plaza Pucutupampa or the Alameda pachacuteq minibuses and vans. The costs of the passage are between S / .30.00 and S / .50.00 The departure times are every hour on average and from 5:00 pm. until 7:00 p.m. A trip that lasts about 5 hours through an affirmed road that has permanent maintenance, of course this in the rainy season (December to March) is deteriorated.

Where to stay

There are lodgings in the same Challhuahuacho, the night is on average S / 30.00. This service is of good quality, they have private bathroom, hot shower, and good beds. I have stayed at the Imperium Delta hostel (S / .50.00), you can call to reserve at 984302907.

Where to eat

While there are several restaurants, I personally recommend La Fogata, the menu is S /. 7.00. If you are a little more demanding, you may like FUSION, and even more exquisite, the hotel restaurant LAS CHULLPAS, these last two are contiguous and they are located in the Challhuahuacho entrance.


Those who wish to visit Challhuahuacho must be accustomed to the height of the Andes, be physically prepared to tolerate the intense cold. In the rainy season, I must warn you that there are thunderstorms with lightning and hailstorms, which nevertheless turn out to be an excellent test of adventure.

Vladimir Vargas Chauca

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